Emmanuel College Students' Union



Becky Hart

Office Email -

Bio:Hello everyone! I’m Becky, and this year I am your ECSU President.

My main role, alongside Charlie (Vice Pres), will be to run ECSU committee meetings as well as meeting regularly with college staff to discuss matters of student interest. But most importantly our job is to support all members of the ECSU committee in their roles, to represent the student body in any college matters and most importantly of all to be an open (and hopefully friendly) link to all students. I encourage anyone to contact me (email above) about any concerns, ideas or questions you have about our college and the student body!

My main aims this year are to raise the profile of ECSU as an open and friendly group that not only represent but work with all students in the college. I also want to strengthen ties with the graduate student union (MCR) and ensure that communication ECSU have with the college is clearly conveyed to students to increase transparency on all matters! Other aims of mine, which rely on the shared enthusiasm of others, are to improve information on the ECSU website (particularly Access areas and Welfare sections), work on improving welfare links between students and staff, and complete work on the Reflections Room so that it will be an inviting and usable space for everyone.

Outside of ECSU I am a second year Geographer and am involved in various environmentally things around college and the university. I am a keen college hockey player (enthusiasm being more important than skill in my books) and really don’t have a particular haunt in college; I love the bar, hall, the old JCR and the paddock, and I do use the library too! Please flag me down or say hi to chat about anything – I am friendly and chatty (some say too chatty). Even if I can’t help personally I can put you in contact with someone who can!