Emmanuel College Students' Union


Welfare Officers

Sophie Buck and Dan Pope

Sophie Buck Email -,

Dan Pope Email -,

Bio: Hi everyone, we’re Dan and Sophie, your new welfare officers! Studying, Medicine and Psychology respectively, we’ve got everything from your emotional wellbeing to your sexual health covered! We’re here to keep you healthy and happy by providing you with information on counseling and sexual health advice, as well as goody bags, numerous tea and cake sessions and, of course, the free condoms.

We have lots of exciting things we’d like to be part of the Emma welfare program this year, including tea and cake sessions with a twist, woodland walks and yoga, as well as important things like improving Emma’s social spaces, getting peepholes on every college room door and running a sexual health clinic in the bar, plus much, much more.

Sound good? Sound like something you’d like to be involved with? If you want to be a part of organising it all and contributing to discussions about welfare at Emma then we’d love you to join to the Welfare Sub-Committee that we’re hoping to start this year!

Feel free to come and chat to us if you see us around college – we’d love to hear from you! We’re both very friendly, and can always make time for having a cuppa and a chat if you ever feel like it. You can also drop us an email on, or, or send us anonymous feedback via the ECSU page.

Peace and love from your welfare team xoxo