Emmanuel College Students' Union


Welfare Officers

Emma Meads and Conrad Lippold

Emma Meads Email -,

Conrad Lippold Email -,

Bio: Hi everyone, our names are Conrad and Emma, we're both in second year, and we're really excited to be your Welfare Officers this year! Our aim is to keep hold of Emma's reputation as 'the friendliest college'© and we're here to support you, whether it's to do with emotional wellbeing, sexual health or bombarding you with tea and cake come Week 5! There's a load of things we want to be part of our welfare program this year; goody bags, special breakfasts, cafe sessions in the bar, zumba and yoga classes, not to mention the free condoms. We also want to increase awareness of mental health issues by running talks with student and guest speakers and creating an anonymous welfare referral system. You'll probably see us round college (sometimes we go to lectures) so feel free to come up to us and say hi and let us know how we're doing - we'd love your feedback - or drop us an email on, or We're/Emma is also quite good at making tea so if you just fancy a cuppa and a chat, let us know! On the other hand, if you fancy a BBQ, Conrad's your man. XOXO