Emmanuel College Students' Union



Congratulations on your exam results - and welcome to the best college in Cambridge! You may find the following resources useful:

Freshers' Reps and college parents

The four Freshers' Reps are hand-picked by ECSU because we thought they'd be four great faces in Freshers' Week & they play a big part in organising and running it. You'll soon get to meet them, but should you have any questions about Freshers' Week or just want someone to talk to they'll be happy to help. The reps will be announced in Easter term.

You'll also be given two college parents to show you the ropes in the first few weeks and be a friendly face around college. You should hear from them in September.

Freshers' Guide

Freshers' Guides are produced every year by both ECSU and CUSU. Here are links to the latest versions of the many guides available:

ECSU Freshers Guide 2011757.44 KiB
ECSU Letter to Freshers 2011338.33 KiB
Freshers Week Programme 20111.14 MiB

We're working on updating the Freshers Guide to the 2011 version and getting lots more information for Freshers put up here as soon as possible!

CUSU also publishes a wide range of guides aimed at Freshers' every year. Below are links to the latest versions of some of them. A full list of CUSU publications can be found on their website.