Webmaster Changelog

This section of the site is here to keep you up-to-date with changes I make to the ECSU Website - should you ever request a change to the site, here will be the location where I'll let you know that I've implemented your suggestions. I intend to update the site weekly, around every Thursday; however should a change be urgent, I should be able to revise any content within 12 hours of notice.


28 March 2017

**Update to ECMS page**


21 March 2017

**As per user request, all committee members now have email buttons**


16 March 2017

**Creation of ROAR WordPress site - under ecsu.org.uk/ROAR**


9 March 2017

**Bug fixes to new What's On wordpress [needs migrating - currently under camnews.soc.srcf.net]**
**Looking into expanded ROAR section of site **


2 March 2017

** Legacy access to ECSU 3.0**
** New WPotW page **
** New link to the Hall Menu**
** New Changelog (Woo... meta)**
** New Directed Anonymous Feedback Forms**
** New ROAR Submission Forms **


January 2017

** Major UI and backend overhaul (transitioning away from CakePHP CMS) **
--- Sitewide content modification; potential for inaccuracies


December 2016

** Adjustments to old site to add new treasurer functions **
** Adjustments to permissions on what's on **
** Adjustments to ECSU Wiki **