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Welcome to! ECSU is the Emmanuel College Students' Union, the representative body for students of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

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  • What's On:

    Christ's Films

    Love Actually // Christmas Special ? Saturday 28th November - 9pm.

    It's time to get into the festive spirit with our final screening of term.

    We gave you the power to vote and you chose the modern Christmas classic Love Actually.

    Come and join us, donned in your finest Christmas jumpers, for instantly quotable dialogue, more cheese than a Swiss fondue party and the change to see Hugh Grant dancing in his underwear!

    There will be a prize for most festively dressed! Jumpers and tinsel all round!

    We hope to see you all there!

    Still unpersuaded? Relive the memories with the 2003 trailer:

    Facebook event:

    Tickets: 4 for university members

    Location: Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ's College

    Bibliotech: Student Ambassadors Wanted

    An undergraduate or postgraduate currently enrolled in Chemistry or Biomedical Sciences

    Posting on facebook twice times per term
    Promoting Bibliotech at the end of lectures five times
    Referring 30 students to Bibliotech

    50 for lectures and facebook posts
    50 for referring 30 students
    Free access to Bibliotech

    Apply here:

    'Effective actions' workshop

    Wednesday 2nd December, 8pm-10pm
    Arthur Quiller Couch Room, Divinity School, St John's College

    Whether you've just heard a little bit about 80,000 Hours/Giving What We Can/Effective Altruism and would like to get more involved and find out what small actions you can take to improve the world, or you're a seasoned EA who just needs a bit of motivation to get around to that high-impact project, you should come along! We've made a list of possible actions at, ranging from very small 5-minute tasks for people who are completely new to the ideas to big projects, and everything in between. They cover areas such as careers, giving, making better decisions, self-improvement and community-building.

    Building a movement for effective giving

    Thursday 26th November, 8pm-9.30pm
    Boys Smith Room, Fisher Building, St John's College

    REG is a community of professional poker players interested in making a positive impact. They recognize that the rationality skills for maximizing expected monetary value in poker transfer perfectly into maximizing the expected impact of charitable donations. Adriano Manno and Ruari Donnelly will be giving a short presentation on their organisation with time for questions afterwards. We will also be joined by the Cambridge University Poker society to talk a little bit about the modalities of earning and giving as a poker player. The event will be followed by alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

    UCPO Concerts

    The University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra has not one, but two exciting concerts on the horizon! The first is an exciting collaboration with CU Ballet Club, while the second features talented pianist Ffinian Jones.

    1. Winter Gala Concert: Saturday 28th November, 8pm at Wesley Methodist Church (CB1 1LG).

    2. UCP 'Baby' Michaelmas Concert: Monday 30th November, 8pm at Christ's College Chapel.

    In both cases, tickets are 10/5 paid in advance, 12/7 on the door. Email to reserve yours.