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    'Toleration, Trust and the Travails of Living Together Globally'

    A Lecture by Professor John Dunn
    March 5th 5pm, Keynes Hall, Kings College

    The next installment of the Cambridge Humanities Review's 'Lectures in the Humanities' will be delivered by Professor John Dunn, emeritus Professor of Political Theory at Kings College. His many renowned publications include The Political Thought of John Locke (1969), Western Political Theory in the Face of the Future (1979), Democracy: the unfinished journey 508BC-1993AD (1992) and Breaking Democracy's Spell (2014). His talk will touch on topics including global political thought and recent events such as the Charlie Hedbo shootings. For more details see:

    How do YOU perceive yourself? Participants needed for online survey.

    Ever wondered how you perceive yourself? Self-concept is important in our daily lives, as it affects our general well-being as well as our interpersonal relationships with others. Here?s a chance to find out how you fare on the self-concept scale!

    As part of my dissertation, I am investigating the relationship between self-concept and attitudes towards mental illness. The questionnaire is completely anonymised and will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. You will stand a chance to win a 20 Amazon voucher in the lucky draw upon completing the questionnaire. The link to this questionnaire is

    If there are any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Career Opportunities at Metaswitch Networks

    Metaswitch Networks is a global software company specialising in the telecommunications industry that has the very rare distinction of not requiring any software experience whatsoever. They're currently looking for interns and new graduates so whether you know your == from your .equals() or have never attempted coding but always wished you could, now's your chance to step up and see if you have what it takes to be a Brain of the New Global Network!

    To submit an application or for more information, go to the Graduate Careers Site:

    For even more information about Metaswitch and what they do, check these out:
    Metaswitch Facebook Page:
    Metaswitch Twitter Page:

    ***ACCESS PACK***

    Around this time of year we run the Access Pack initiative, a scheme where undergraduates return to their old sixth-form colleges and secondary schools to give a short presentation about Cambridge and answer any questions students may have about university life in general.

    This is an easy and low-commitment way to get involved in Access and would only take a few hours out of your Easter holidays. All you would need to do is send an email to your old school (or others in your area too if you like) asking whether they'd be happy for you to come in and talk to year 11/12 pupils about higher education and Cambridge. It is a really good way for us to reach as many young people across the country as possible.

    If you are interested, please sign up with your name and CRSid in the form below so that the pack can be pidged to you. A very short training session/explanation of the presentation will be held on Monday 9th March at 6pm in the Old JCR.

    Lecture and debate: International development- Where is the evidence?

    Date: Friday 6th March, 2015
    Start Time: 17:30 hrs
    Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

    Humanitarian and development organisations are increasingly pressured to show that their decisions are based on the ?best available evidence? and that their interventions and programmes do have an impact. But where is the evidence for this, how does it reach these organisations and who decides what is ?best??
    Join the Cambridge University Science & Policy Exchange and Giving What We Can as we debate this important topic from both a practice and research perspective.
    The lecture will be followed by a wine reception.

    Speakers for this policy debate include:
    - Professor Chris Whitty: Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for International Development UK
    - Mr Ewen MacLeod: Head of UNHCR?s Policy Development and Evaluation Services (PDES)
    - Dr Shailaja Fennell: University Lecturer in Development Studies
    - Mr Alex MacGillivray: Director of Development Impact at UK?s Development Finance Institution (CDC)

    If you would like to attend, please visit the event page at:

    Or see the facebook event at: