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    2015 Summer Teaching in China

    IVSC is recruiting 100 volunteer teachers for summer camp projects in the idyllic southern Chinese town of Yangshuo?? as well as other locations including Shanghai, Dongguan, Pingjiang, Beijing and Changsha. Lonely Planet says of Yangshuo that "pedalling across the rice fields through Yangshuo's soaring limestone peaks is often the top experience of travellers in China," but all of these other locations have their own charms.

    Programmes run in July and August 2015, exact dates are TBC. Schedules vary between the different schools but generally involve 3-8 hours of English teaching activities per day. Generally students are aged between six and sixteen, every week teachers accompany the students on outdoor summer-camp activities.

    In house TEFL certification, Chinese classes, advice regarding visas, free accommodation and food are all offered. There is no programme fee of any kind, IVSC has been working with UK students since 2007. Applicants usually fundraise and apply for university travel grants to help them with the costs of flights. For more information please contact or view our website Positions are offered on a rolling basis.

    BREDEX Summer teaching in Romania

    BREDEX is a non-profit student-centric programme that was started in 1991 by students at the University of Oxford.

    We are recruiting university students to take up voluntary summer posts teaching conversational English to locals across Romania in July and August. No prior teaching experience is required, and free accommodation is provided in university halls of residences for the duration of the 7 week courses.

    It would be a fantastic opportunity for students to gain casual teaching experience, take part in a working holiday and do some independent travelling.

    If you'd like to know more about the programme and to apply, please email Ridwan at


    Music and Taste Study

    You are invited to participate in a music and taste study taking place this coming week and the next.

    The experiment takes 20 minutes, and you will be compensated with 3 for your time.

    During the experiment, you will be asked to taste a variety of drinks and perform and music listening activity.

    Sessions will take place in Room 412, Psychology Department,Downing Site, CB2 3EB.

    If you're interested, please click on the following link and sign up to a time slot - please also include your gender after your name, for our records:

    Cash and Business Mentoring on offer for Food and Drink Entrepreneurs

    According to research*, 80,000 UK university students run a business while they study to achieve their degree, with a quarter planning to turn it into a career when they graduate.

    Despite undeniable entrepreneurial spirit only 4% of young people go on to create a company capable of paying a wage and making a profit.

    Paul Hargreaves, Founder of Cotswold Fayre said: ?The growing number of young entrepreneurs looking to start a business is a fantastic sign for the fine food industry. However, the prospect of starting a business with little or no experience can be incredibly daunting.?

    To help support these young entrepreneurs into the food industry, Cotswold Fayre runs a start-up support scheme, Young Food and Drink Entrepreneur of the Year.

    Now in its third year, the initiative aims to help food entrepreneurs aged between 16-25 years old who are looking for help and support with their business.

    Paul adds: ?The winning entrant will receive not just monetary support but also sound business advice to help face the difficult and often unexpected challenges of setting up a new business.?

    The winning applicant will be awarded 1,000 to help grow their company. On top of this, they will be invited for monthly mentor meetings with Paul Hargreaves to discuss and develop their business plan, while gaining industry insight and advice.

    In addition to this support, Cotswold Fayre?s in-house designer will work with the winner to develop a strong brand identity through design.

    Last year?s winner, Chris Hannaway, co-founder of Overly said: ?Winning this award has been great. As a business, we?ve managed to get a listing with Cotswold Fayre, the UK?s best wholesaler for farm shops and delicatessens. They really are a great team that are so helpful and supportive to new suppliers.

    ?On an individual note Paul?s advice has been great. He?s helped me to develop the way I think about the industry and has given me some great ideas as to how we can take the business forward.?

    Applications for this year?s award open on 1 March 2015 and close on 30 June 2015. The application form can be found on .

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